About us


Wholesome fresh foods made from scratch with no refined ingredients and no preservatives. 


We carefully select our ingredients to create the best quality food for you to enjoy. It’s an incredible bonus

that our great tasting food is healthy. We’ve learned that people only realize it’s healthy by the way it makes

them FEEL after they consume it. Imagine desserts that taste delicious, without the sugar crash afterwards!

Imagine all natural ingredients that taste so unique and fresh. They are unique because quality and freshness

are often substituted with processed ingredients or non-natural fillers. We ​want to return to basic principals

of foods that taste great and leaves you feeling great. To do this we make no ​compromises with our ​quality.

One of our guiding principals at NourishMoi is to lighten the pressure we all add to the Earth and our

environment. We are committed to sourcing the most organic ingredients without animal fat or protein.

We hope you take the time to taste and ​feel the difference that nourishing food can make in your life.